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NEW: new: iris~hosta & daylilies oh my!! swap year 3 :0)

8 years ago

Happy July Everyone!
I've been hosting this swap for the last couple of years and have had so much fun I think we need to do it for a third!! :D


This is the perfect time of year for splitting these plants. So this will be a plant only swap.

As always...the rules:

1. Since this is a plant only swap, let make it a good one. This is for named varieties only of Iris, Daylilies and Hosta's. Sorry, no noid's for this swap. Since not everyone grows all of these and not everything you have is available for can pick and choose what you would like to send.

2. You must send at least 6 named plants. Please check out your swap partners wish list and lets see if we can fulfill some :). After all that is why we all have them. :) Please send only boxes you yourself would wish to receive.

3. Please use the Med. Flat Rate Priority Box or Box of equivalent size. You can fit a lot of plants in that box :) Post here when you mail, and when you receive, so we can all enjoy your box with you. Don't forget to post your tracking as well.

4. Sign-ups are till Monday, July 14.

Partners will be assigned on Tuesday, July 15.

Please mail by Saturday, August 26th.

This is an open swap. Everyone is welcome to join. Although I do ask that you please be a swapper in good standing on the GW.

We are keeping it simple in summer...trying to Beat the Heat :)

Come on!! You know you wanna sign up!! :D

I'll also be posting games throughout the month. Now who can resist new plants and games???lol.

Iris; Hawaiian Surf

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