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NEW: FOTESS Swap Jan. 2018 - Splendor of the New Year

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I wanted to post the January swap early because you may want to think twice before throwing away those bows, glittery Christmas decorations, or holiday cards.

We are going to send SPLENDOR in January. It does need to be holiday related, but it can be and you can certainly think about glittering snowflakes or Valentine's Day ahead … even garden seeds with an appropriate name will be great (e.g. Cosmos Bright Lights, Begonia Sparks Will Fly, Golden Beets, Fire 'n Ice Radishes).

So pull out the glitter, cut up the cards, glue the faux jewels, curl the ribbon, buy a can of metallic spray paint or whatever and glam things up for the person you send to in January. As always, no need to spend a lot. Use your creativity and your items(s) can be new, recyled, upcycled or whatever you choose. Just allow them reflect the word “splendor”.

Splendor: Noun

1. brilliant or gorgeous appearance, coloring, magnificent

2. an instance or display of imposing pomp or grandeur

3. grandeur, glory; brilliant distinction

4. great brightness; brilliant light or luster.


5. to make splendid by decorating lavishly; adorn.

Some obvious things:

Using glittery gift wrap to make seed packets.

Design some Valentine cards for your recipient to send in February

Come up with a way to recycle something in order to make “splendid” plant markers.

Decorate a pot or planter to make it regal.

A chipped or broken plate can be turned into a mosaic feature

A pin (jewelry) made from the pull tabs from soda cans with something added in the center and an added pin back.

How about an old CD or DVD painted in some way and being reused so it can be hung outdoors to scare away critters or simply be a sun catcher or wind spinner?


A bit of group “business” first:

FOTESS stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps and requires that you be a member in order to swap with us. For more information about membership, contact me Jeanne (sandlapper_rose) or Shirley (sjc48).


Please plan your package so the item(s) and the postage are not expensive. Your creativity is appreciated.

Sign up by January 9th.

Mail by January 19th.

If you have any questions, just ask. There will be games posted once we get into January. Also, if you please, send me an email or message with your full name and address for mailing and the month and date of your birthday so I can recheck the list. Don't post private information here. Once it's done, we'll get a copy of the current list to all the members. We had some people who moved and I want to be sure everything is updated.


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