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Just a few thoughts leading up to a CGM question.

18 years ago

Hi All!

First off Happy Halloween!

Second wasn't it great to have 1/2 day Sat, a Full day Sun, and another 1/2 day today of Sunshine? It sure seemed a long time coming after 3 weeks plus of clouds and rain.

Raked leaves, mowed the lawn, and finally got my last tubers of Dahlias and 4 o'clocks pulled today and will box them tomorrow. Even went fishing in Oneida and Onondaga Lake with our (son's and mine) new boat.

I have a question about Corn Gluten Meal which I decided to use for the first time. I know the organic method takes a little bit more time and effort. I'm really weary of the toxic weed and feed killers as I know they kill more than just weed seeds.

I hate going into the garden shops especially Lowe's, Home Depot and Kmart and the like. The combined smell of those toxins are an instant headache for me if I stay to long. I often wonder how the employees can stand it day after day.

I've always pulled weeds and composted letting them set for about 2 years before spreading in my garden. It never bothered me to take the time to pull them out. I've always felt that they do make good garden soil. I just found out the next best thing to seaweed (which is a weed) for the benefits it can give your soil is the dandelion.

For me a weed is a weed and the worms and all those other little compost critters just love them while they break them down. An if they do make it to the garden soil their so easy to manage and easy to pull out. Plus I do mulch.

I used the CGM because the weeds I had this year seem to get out of hand. I think because of the heat and with the lack of rain it sure made them difficult to dig out of rock hard soil.

But back to my question. I spread with a broadcast spreader as directed. Then a few days later I took notice that the pellets seemed more of a time released as they just didn't disappear. In fact you can still see a few of the pellets yet in some areas where the rain wasn't so heavy.

But last week it was raining so hard for so long I had to take the dog into the backyard on a leash otherwise she'd be a muddy mess. I also noticed that a good amount of the CGM was coated with mold.

Does anyone know if the potency has dampened or possibly destroyed by the mold?

Thanks for taking your time to read the above and if you have an answer.


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