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When can I dig up established perennials to move?

19 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to this forum-been spending a lot of time in the Kitchen's forum but need to focus now on the yard...

We are in the process of moving to a 'new' old house and getting ready to put our house on the market. I've spent years here getting my perennials established and hope to take as much as I can with me. Right now I'm working on getting the North side of the new house landscaped. This will be our 'guest' entry and while it's been neglected for years, it has great potential. I have the following plants to bring from my gardens here but I'm not sure when it's 'safe' to divide them and bring them to the new location. Is there a rule of thumb as to how big they should be before I dig? I usually do my dividing around the middle-end of May but hoped I could get started a bit earlier. This is what I have to bring:

hostas (many varieties)

Japanese ferns

Maidenhair ferns

misc. ferns (wild)


dead nettle


Periwinkle/sorcerer's violet (ground cover)

Also, my orange daylillies (my Dad used to call them 'ditch lillies') are about 3" tall-is it too early to move them? The other varieties I have are still just poking their heads above the soil. I live about 30 minutes west of Albany and the new house is just a bit further than that.

Thanks in advance!

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