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new: mnf's: june 'share your summer swap'

10 years ago

Hello everyone! And welcome to the Make New Friends June 'Share Your Summer' Swap.

At this point in our summer we are all well aware of the plants that we need to split or have an 'over abundance' of. So that is what this swap is all about...Sharing Your Summer...sharing your garden.

For this swap you will need:

~This is a plant only swap. No seeds. Please include at least 5 plants. ***Take a look at your partners wish list and see if you can fulfill some of their wishes*** And remember, only send nice healthy plants that you would like to receive.

~Please include a card for your swap partner. Sending them a special note or happy greeting while sharing your summer :)

~Please mail in a med. flat rate box (or the equivilent of), with Delivery Confirmation. Please post DC when you mail.

~Sign-ups till June 9. I'll post partners on June 10th.

~Please mail by June 23. Post here when you receive so we can all enjoy your package with you. :D

This is a MAKE NEW FRIENDS swap. Everyone is WELCOME to sign up. Newbies, veterans...EVERYONE! who would like to MAKE A NEW FRIEND.

So what are you waiting know you have plants to share :D

This is a super easy swap...

...and everyone knows I'll be posting games as well...



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