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Central CA update (lots of pics from the yard) 4/11

12 years ago

I dont get around to posting pics that often so please excuse the # of them. Here are some pics from around my yard, Harry, please try not to be jealous.

Borage, if you want to attract bees or lady bugs plant this stuff, plus it is edible.

Surinam cherries

Mc Beth loquat



recently grafted, either Redlands or BS white sapote

lots of little Vernon white sapote fruit

Mauritus lychee

Biew Kiew longan

Green sapote, notice the growth difference, it was planting earlier this spring from a much shadier spot.

A couple of my babies from PR (not the redheaded ones), Juan's pulasan and a rambutan, the far right is a Dang Rasimi jak from a kind FL. fellow.

Everything is labeled except the two in the back, center is marang and to the right is eugenia subterminalis.

epiphyllum and apporocactus buds

a few seedlings and cuttings

Front view

Backside with a few plants in the pic

even up against the fence

either petch pachong or nuathong atemoya

big reddish custard apple, with bloom.

since Anthony Bourdain mentioned it, toothache plant. Kind of fun to eat to eat the dried flowers, I want to try making the soup where they used the leaves.

Hak Ip


spondias dulcis

blueberries with Lancetilla blooms

Valencia Pride

Chironja graft, a natural orange/grapefruit hybrid

lastly Salaks, from L to right S. affinis, S. zalacca and S. wallichiana

hope you enjoyed,


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