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Can I transplant tiny seedlings?

13 years ago

I posted a few weeks ago about my failed first crop of germinating tomatoes from seed.

So 9 days ago, I started a new batch the way that people here recommended, and they look GREAT! I'm thrilled.

This time, I used MiracleGrow seed starting mix, put it in the old containers I had gotten flowers from at the nursery (those 6-packs), and planted 2 seeds per section. The weather was warmer and sunnier this time. They all sprouted, and look wonderful. They have strong stems and nice happy looking first leaves. The real tomato leaves are starting to peek through.

So, my question is, I now have 2 baby tomatoes per section, and common sense (and my husband) think I need to kill one of the extra plants per cell, to give the other a chance to grow. This makes perfect sense, but my question is, is there a way to gently extract the baby seedling, and replant it in a fresh container so that I don't have to kill it? How would I do that successfully?

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