Tomato n00b question-- seedlings close together

13 years ago

At the risk of sounding like a moron--

So I've only ever had (limited) experience with pre-grown plants in pots and this is my first attempt at starting from seeds. I put a few seeds in each starter cup so I could make sure I'd get at least one plant, but I didn't expect almost every seed to grow. Now I have this:

And now I don't know what to do-- do I try to pull them apart now? Do I let them grow larger before I try to? Do I let them duke it out and let intraspecific competition run its course? Am I an idiot for assuming that my seeds wouldn't grow?

If it's important-- they are Gardener's Delight tomatoes or something like that and they have been in a cup for a week and a day. They've been inside a house with both southish and eastish facing windows, and I move the cups around to follow the sun throughout the day so they get, er, a lot of sun (more than I do, I can assure you). The air temperature ranges between 70 (+/-3) at night to up to 80+ in the afternoon.

All help I can get would be amazing (and criticisms will be taken in stride with good humor) :D Thank you!

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