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Two tomato seedlings together in one pot

15 years ago

I've been shopping at the Bonnie Plants display again. ;-)

In the process, I found several tomato seedlings that were two growing together in the same pot.

Such a deal!

Anyhow, I was originally thinking I would just separate them and get two plants for the price of one.

Now I've sorta changed my mind, and I'm thinking just plant them both together and grow them as one plant.

If each plant only produces 25% less tomatoes this way,

I still come out ahead with 50% more tomatoes in the same foot print and pot.

They are Mr. America - med size determinate - 10gal pot

Big Beef - indeterminate - 10gal pot

and of course Husky Cherry Red - small determinate - 7gal pot

Anyone see something I'm missing?

anything wrong?

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