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Is there any truth to this?

14 years ago

See this Web page.

A lot of what this says seems to be exaggerated..but if you scroll down to where it says:

1. Your tomatoes will grow faster. They'll mature in about 3-4 months, instead of the average 6.

2. It will make the tomato plant produce 3 to 6 times more tomatoes!

3. It will change the way the plant uses it's energy. How? It moves it's energy into the fruit, instead of its leaves, making your tomatoes larger and juicier.

Basically, what they say is that if you remove all but 3 leaves on your plants, you will get the results I copied above. This doesn't sound realistic at all. In fact, most of what is said on the site seems to be inaccurate or false. Can I get some opinions from some experts here?

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