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Urban Camping: Angel Island, San Francisco CA

13 years ago

I laughed out loud reading this article! I donÂt know why, when people on the Net ask "What should I do when visiting San Francisco?", we natives always remember the GG Bridge, the Alcatraz tour, GG Park, the Ferry Bldg Farmers Market  but we almost never include Angel Island. ItÂs the largest island in the Bay, and the only one that is a state park. ItÂs not the most convenient to visit, but you donÂt have to have a car, which is a big advantage when staying in SF. And of course, it's the cheapest place to sleep that has a fabulous view!

The photos arenÂt remarkable  heÂs a good writer, but a mediocre photographer, LOL.


Pitching a tent on Angel Island: An urban camping story

David Curran to the SF Chronicle, June 24, 2010

(Full article at link below)

(excerpted) "When you go camping on Angel Island, you presumably know before you ever arrive that you're not getting away from it all. You are in fact going to the middle of it all  smack in the center of San Francisco Bay, surrounded by Marin, the East Bay and San Francisco. If you're used to camping in what we generally think of as "the woods," there can be a period of adjustment to this. It may even last your entire stay.

...While we definitely weren't in the Sierra backcountry, we also hadn't driven five hours. Combine the proximity with the spectacular views and you get why campers have to reserve one of Angel Island's nine sites six months in advance. Yes, there are other attractions, but I doubt people spend the night in the howling winds just to be first in line at the island's Segway scooter rental.

There are some oddities to Angel Island camping, which seemed to throw me for a bit of a loop when planning the trip. For one, it is an island. Surprise! This means you must take a ferry. On this note, do not, like me, spend weeks planning how to catch the Larkspur ferry because that would be wrong.

What you will take is the Tiburon ferry and if you're smart, just bring backpacks."

Here is a link that might be useful: Angel Island camping: SF Chron article link