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I need a diagnosis for my patio tomato plant

16 years ago

I have a patio tomato plant on my deck that isn't doing very well. It's my first plant--I got it on Mother's day. It came with a few immature fruit and now it has many. BUT...about a week ago, I noticed that some of the leaves had some black/grey areas on them. They still looked healthy but now they look like they are wilting. 2 days ago I found a huge moth that I removed. I also noticed a small tomato with black/brown rotting area on the bottom of the fruit. And I noticed another one today. I removed them and posted pics.

Boston weather is tough--it was cold last week and this week it's quite mild. I water twice a day because by the time I come home, the pot seems dry. But I put about 1/4-1/2 gallon water every morning--on the soil only. I fertilized once with miracle grow. That was a few days ago. I also plucked suckers but then read that I'm not supposed to do that and regret it. New flowers have died. I have no new flowers.

Take a look at my pictures....

Please help--I have no idea what to do!

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