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Septoria Leaf Spot questions

18 years ago

After searching on this website and others I have come to the conclusion that my largest tomato plant probably has Septoria Leaf Spot.

The plants were all doing fine until I planted them outside (Memorial Day weekend) and every since our weather has been chilly and damp. Favorable conditions for the fungus I have read.

I have 4 plants total and the other three are quite a bit smaller but are starting to show yellowing and grayish spots on the lowest leaves.

Is it even worth it to spray them at this point?? The only one that has blooms is the biggest one- but I am concerned it's production will be questionable given it's poor condition. I am thinking maybe I should just dig them up- and start over with some from the store.

If I do decide to start fresh- how far away from the original tomato site do I need to plant the new ones??

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