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septoria leaf spot, bacterial leaf spot, neither?

14 years ago

I embarked on my first garden project this year. I cleared the brush, built 2 10x5 raised beds, had soil delivered and amended it with peat moss, manure (a very small amount), and a good organic fertilizer (from gardens alive). I put weed fabric on the bed where the tomatoes are because I read somewhere that they do better that way. I am really disappointed in the VERY wet weather in Northeastern PA because it has prevented a lot of my veggies from doing well. At least the tomatoes (which I grew from seed with the exception of 3 big boys from Lowes) were doing well.

Until last week. They started to develop spots on the lower leaves (even the ones in containers away from the main garden got the spots). I looked up tomato diseases online and compared photos and it looked just like septoria leaf spot. So, I picked up a bottle of Ortho Garden Disease Control and a nice pump sprayer, followed the directions, and sprayed the plants. That was this past Friday. All the tomatoes are going downhill and whatever the problem is, it is spreading fast. I am trying to remove the affected leaves, but on a lot of the plants more than 50% of the leaves now have spots.

I can't find aphids or other insects on the plants. Also, initially there were no spots on the stems, but now there are. The last two pictures show the big boy plants wet from me spraying them with the fungicide (Ortho garden disease control).

Please, if anyone can ID the problem from the below pics and give me some advice, I would really appreciate it! I put a lot of work in the garden this year and it breaks my heart to see this happening, especially to the tomatoes, which I was most looking forward to.

Thanks, Tina










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