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Septoria leaf spot which way to handle it...

10 years ago

Ok I pretty much ruled out that I have early blight and know I have septoria leaf spot. My plan of action is to clear out all branches and throw in trash, disinfect tool, make sure mulch is covering every spot and any weed is removed. My organic community garden seems to only allow Organic Gardening Bi-Carb Old Fashioned Fungicide (potassium bicarbonate) for this issue. I was going to buy a foliar sprayer, add some of the above to water and spray remaining good leaves onto plants at dusk. Someone suggested milk, water and baking soda instead. Not sure the garden will go for milk. Anyone use either methods and did it work? The strange thing is, is that my plants are in great shape. Really green, robust and thick. Only a few of the bottom branches have it. Thanks in advance!

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