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Tomato starts not growing & leaves yellow/brown & falling off???

9 years ago

I started lots of seedlings inside and hardened them off, but 2 months after planting outside they haven't grown at all and the leaves are all sorts of yellow, brown, some spots and some just plain falling off... They just look weak. I'm close to Seattle so it's cool and wet, but we've had a couple good weeks of 60 &70 degrees. I planted them deep, used manure, fertilized once, but not sure if I'm missing something? I would have expected them to grow a little since planting. Is it too cool? It's all new topsoil and manure this year. I have another smaller container garden and those plantings look green and healthy (still pretty small). They are a mix of seeds (heirloom varieties, cherry, etc.). The black Kim look the worst. :( any thoughts on what I did wrong or what I should do? Coffee grounds? Start over? Have patience?

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