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Leaves on starts turning brown, some yellow

11 years ago

This is my second go at starting seeds. Last year was a failure. I'm hoping to make it through this year.

I have T5 lights, first had them about 3" above the tallest leaves. Then I noticed some browning and drying out of leaves and moved the lights to about 6" from the tallest leaves.

I see yellow leaves, which usually indicates over watering (as read on this site), however, I'm assuming the drying out/dying of the leaves is a result of too little water or too much heat.

Any suggestions? I have fertilized them once with a diluted Aged Old Grow liquid. What kind of fertilizer do you recommend, I know liquid, but what kind if I want organic. I have only found Aged Old Grow in the stores for a liquid base.

Green-mold/bacteria. I read that the green stuff growing on the soil is not harmful to the plants as long as it doesn't take over. I do wait until the top soil dries out before watering, however, once I might have waited too long and the soil was bone dry. Could it be that they are slowly dying from that one instance?

Oh, seed starting mix was Fox Farm. I'm reading on this site that people add compost when transplanting. Which is better, compost or liquid fertilizer?

Thanks so much!

(I guess I can only add one photo?)

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