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Where did I go wrong?

19 years ago

Today I mixed a 40lb. bag of 'humus/manure' mixture with a bag of potting soil of the same weight and a bag of mushroom compost. To that I added a few shovels full of peat moss. I added this to containers and put a tomato plant into each. I noticed that when I watered the containers it took a long time for the water to soak into the mixture. Now the containers look like they are filled with mud, for lack of a better description. When I've used just plain potting soil in the past the water usually drained right through it. The mushroom compost and manure mixture were purchased at HD and seemed a little 'heavy'- there were chunks of clay like material in each bag. I'm planning on filling a 12'x4' raised (12") bed next weekend to try my first square foot garden and don't want the same problem. Unfortunately, I'm limited to where I can purchase composted materials (HD, Wal-Mart). Any ideas? BTW, I've enjoyed reading the posts on this forum and am excited about getting my own square foot garden started! Thanks.

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