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NEW: First Annual Spring Daylily Swap

16 years ago

Sign up now for the First annual Daylily Swap. If we have never traded please be prepared to provide references of former swaps. This will be for 5 daylilies. You will need to provide a list of daylilies you have to trade as well as a list of daylilies you would like. If you do not have a preference that is fine too.

I will be moving soon so I have to get rid of lots of daylilies and lots of other plants too. This is just a starting point. I only intend to move small clumps of my daylilies and I do not want to leave behind to many. This trade will be for named daylilies only at this time. If there are some of you that do not care about the names then by all means please feel free to join in and if there are several of you we can pair you off. Looking forward to a great colorful spring.


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