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Thinking about having a future plant swap, need advice & opinions

Kathy Johnson
13 years ago

I've been wanting to go to a plant swap but there's not one close so I've been thinking maybe I'd host one sometime in the future (this year or next). I've only been to a couple & they were the kind where you paid about $10 to rent a space. People at these two were mostly selling plants & there was also other gardening-related items, like this one woman was selling hand-painted gourds. I would like to do a cross between this & a free swap.

I have 3 location options: The fairgrounds is the best for what I've got in mind. There's lots of parking space & walking around space. I can rent the arts & crafts building & the pavilion for $400. Not too bad considering I could get 39 other people to rent a booth & that would pay for the rent. 2nd location is the VFW building. I'll still have to rent it about $100 but it's really small & parking space is limited. 3rd choice is the city park. The park will be free but it's a crapshoot if you'll get the 3 or 4 tables that are there & parking is limited.

I am also wanting to help the local humane society & thought I could invite them out with some of their animals available for adoption.

Food options:

Everyone could bring their own or run get their own.

Let someone with a food vending business come set up.

The humane society could have plate lunches or something to raise money.

At this swap I thought it could be anything garden-related, not just plants & seeds. Books, garden ornaments, bird houses, etc.

I would like to have part of the swap free trades & then let people buy & sell as well. I've read lots of threads here on swaps & really like the idea of giving tickets for plants. I am wondering what to do about things like bird houses, etc. though. I've even thought about maybe those of us wanting to trade could have signs that said "trades welcomed" & have at our booths.

When would be a good time? I wouldn't want to have it when it's too hot or too cold.

Any opinions or advice is welcome!!!!!

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