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Jason's Fire Fusions hot sauce review........

9 years ago

I was pleased to receive a sample pack from judo_and_peppers. I believe most are aware of his recent launch of his hot sauce line. He was kind enough to send 2 sauces and one pack of powder. My wife and I sampled all three yesterday. We started with the powder. It smelled wonderful and had a very good flavor. Even though weren't using it differently from how it was intended. I believe this powder would work great as a rub. My wife even mentioned she thought it would be great on grilled chicken. We then tried the Spontaneous Combustion hot sauce. It had a great flavor with just enough heat. It has enough kick to be pleasing to the highest tolerance, while still tame enough to be consumed by a novice. I really liked this sauce and plan on using it often. Lastly we tried the Chocolate Scorpion. It had a nice flavor with a little less heat. It had just a little bit more of a vinegar after note, but by no means in a displeasing manner. Although I thoroughly enjoyed both sauces, I have to say my favorite was the Spontaneous Combustion.
I believe the jason's fire fusions site (you add should be operational soon. I highly advise trying one of his great sauces. I believe he will have 6 or 7 offerings. Hopefully he will elaborate in this thread.


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