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'Italian' so what the heck is Italian?

16 years ago

I'm just in from the greenhouse and potting up some basil. It will have a last run of a couple weeks before going outdoors in what should be warm, warm conditions. (I'm hopin' that'll be a couple weeks. ;o)

The name on the seed packet was "Italian" so what the heck is Italian? I go back in and do a little research - a large-leaf variety . . . Well, "Nufar" is a large-leaf variety. Except Nufar is fusarium wilt resistant. Fusarium is the bane of the basil grower - along with slugs and cool weather.

Darn it! I used old seed that I guess I'm still trying to get rid of from - - I don't know when, the date has faded off the packet. Then I find a few ponies of Nufar. How do you spell - relief? Gosh, I only remember that silly name because of how weird it is.

The last 3 days I've been trying to remember the name of my broccoli. Embarrassingly, I gave the neighbor a few plants and couldn't remember "Packman!" It wasn't until a more lucid moment in the early hours of this morning that the name finally came to me. Doggoneit, I've been growing this variety for 3 or 4 years . . .

What was before it? Well, there was Premier and then before that was Green Comet. I really liked Green Comet but I don't even know if I could find the seed, anymore.

Then there were those "Fantastic" tomatoes. I thought they were the cat's pajamas after years of growing Earlianna and Early Girls. I still grow a few Early Girls and think Earlianna is out there, somewhere. I haven't grown Fantastic in probably 20 years! Moved on . . . always a half mile behind but always catching up with modern trends, that's me!

Corn . . . I go back to Golden Bantam and remember when uh, what was it . . . something else . . . well, it was a big hit . . . then there was ummmm . . . well, there were quite a few years of what was . . . Oh Yeah! Jubilee!! I liked that name and it was a pretty good sweet corn. But then I moved on. Of course there were those years when I lived where I could barely grow corn. I still remember "Polar V" - gosh, what a compromise!

I've moved on!! This quality of memory is a curse! Even when I can remember - it's a curse! I don't need or want to remember all these things!


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