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problems with transplanted Plumerias

16 years ago


I got two 6"-8" cuttings (a yellow and a pink plumeria) from Kauai in July. I planted them in a single pot around that time. I saw leaves emerge on both at the tip of each cutting a couple of months later and they looked healthy. There were no other stalks that developed. The leaves always remained at the tip of the cutting.

I translplanted both to my lawn about 4-6 weeks ago. At the time of transplanting I noticed a single main root at the bottom of each cutting.

The weather here turned pretty cold and frosty in late November. Now leaves on both the plants have sort of died and even the main stem of each cutting looks a bit feeble.

Someone suggested I use B1 when watering them each week. I have tried that too but without any results.

Do I need to re-transplant them into pots and take them indoors? Any other suggestions would be great...


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