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What is the history of those humongous junipers?

20 years ago

Taking a walk in the evening, I began to notice the preponderance of massive contorted junipers planted at the corners of homes, sometimes flanking the garage door, and occasionally cloaking front windows in darkness. These junipers are all planted in gardens of homes built in the late 50's to early 60's (estimate based on style and size of homes). They appear to match the age of the homes. These junipers are often planted within 18" brick-lined planters right up against the house, and look like ghouls reaching out to grab unwary little trick-or-treaters. Yes, a little spooky. A few are pruned into poodle shapes on bare stems. Does anyone know the origin of this nearly universal trend in garden design in California from this period? Was it a serious landscaper's trademark, was it something promulgated by Family Circle Magazine, was it the result of oversupply and cheap prices on junipers in 1955? I've read so many posts that begin, "First we ripped out the large junipers blocking the views from the front windows..." Anybody know?

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