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Wintersweet, Winter Honeysuckle, Juniper, or Roses

12 years ago

I'm currently undecided with what to do along a rustic looking fence. We have one unusual, wonderfully fragrant Blue Juniper tree/bush there now, which never fails to give me loads of beautiful branches for Christmas. [The house always smells wonderful!] We've thought about planting more along the whole fence, but identifying/finding more plants has been all but impossible. We have found someone that is willing to propagate more for us [we'd need around 50] for a fee, and lots of patience.

I've recently discovered Wintersweet and Winter Honeysuckle which to me, are treasures just for fragrant winter blooms, if nothing else. I'm told that either of these would also work along the fence.

Add to this a long fascination with fragrant old garden roses and alas, I have a problem deciding what to do; which do I plant, or can I pull off a combination that will look great and not take every spare moment of my time? Any roses we plant would need to be fragrant to be worth it to me, and should probably not be too ferociously thorny to allow for occasional sealer to be put on the fence. Any ideas?

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