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Transplanting Plumeria Accident

10 years ago

Hi all plumeria experts out there! Recently, I just purchased a small, flowering plumeria "Isabella" with 3 beautiful inflows. The people at the register told me that I needed to transplant my plumeria into a bigger pot as soon as possible. So, following their advise, I decided to get the plant into a larger pot, but during this process, I accidentally broke off a third to a half of the plumeria's fragile root mass. Some of the flowers are now slightly wilting, so I decided to try rehabilitating its roots. I wrapped a large plastic bag around the pot and the lower portion of the plant, but left the upper portion untouched. I then sprayed water into the bag. I did this because I read that plumerias enjoy humid climates and thought I could mimic that effect. Now I worry that my inflows would stop producing flowers and break off, or the roots being damaged and rot furthermore due to possibly too much moisture? I am new to plumeria gardening and would appreciate all replies that could help me with my new plumeria. Thank You!!!

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