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Plumeria Transplant Question

9 years ago


I've recently moved to an island off the Gulf Coast of Florida, and we built a house on what had always been a vacant lot. On the edge of the property growing out from scraggly palms is an ancient frangipani. The neighbor tells me that most of the frangipanis in the area came from this tree; as it had been a vacant lot, many of the locals evidently helped themselves to branches from this one over the years.

At any rate, it's one long 9' branch that's 7" in diameter (and had been growing nearly perfectly horizontal to the ground) with three smaller branches--each about 3" long--growing out of the top. About 1/3 the way up the main 9' section is a 3" diameter branch that curves around and then runs parallel to the main section. (When I cut it off near the base and planted it in an upright position, the shape roughly resembles the letter "y.") The only place where there are leaves/flowers is at the very ends of the branches.

As I was cutting the fairly inaccessible base in a compromised position, I had a sawhorse set up just a foot or two below the main branch, and I'd instructed my 15-yr-old daughter to make sure that the tree landed softly onto the sawhorse, and that the smaller branch didn't swing around and smack onto the ground. As these things seem to go with a disinterested teenager who'd rather be inside the air-conditioned house and chatting with her friends on the iPhone, the smaller branch in fact swung around and smacked onto the ground, which resulted in the leafy & flowering green tip to crack right off.

I have the heavy y-shaped frangipani planted and staked about 2' into the ground, and I planted it with some Miracle-Gro dirt. Naturally I expect the leaves to severely wilt for a few days or fall off altogether, but my question is this: will a growth emerge from the end of the branch that my daughter wasn't able to avoid from smacking the ground? Along the same lines, is there any rhyme or reason as to where branches sprout from on the frangipani? I can see a few "battle scars" along the main 7" diameter branch from where the neighbors took donor limbs from; is there any way to promote growth from specific areas of the tree? As it is now, I have a @150lb y-figure in my yard with beautiful flowers and leaves sprouting out of the tip top of the primary thick branch, but just a bare, leafless second branch as a result of the second branch smacking the ground.

Thank you for any advice on this wonderful tree.

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