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Soil temps of containers with Soil, Perlite and Gritty Mix

11 years ago

Hi everyone,
Being that its a hot day today I decided to take a fairly standard Infrared thermometer and measure soil temperatures in various containers and various mixes.

first I measured the surface soil temperature of a garden soil/perlite/pine bark mix without any mulch. This plant had been watered early in the AM.

about an inch below the surface:

here is the leaf temp:

Here is the surface temperature of mulch:

Below the Mulch:

I then went to my rooting plants which are somewhat sheltered from the sun. Here they are to show that they are all equally exposed.


perlite/garden soil 1 to 1surface temp. Yikes!

Perlite Surface temp. whoa!. (t reads 117 degrees)

Gritty mix surface temp. double yikes!!:

I was quite surprised by the results. So I watered everything including the cuttings and waited about 10 minutes to let the evaporation process start and reread everything.

the 1 to 1 mix


Gritty Mix

there is no intention to say one is better than the other. I just wanted to see what the temps were and ask the question has anyone else seen same or similar results?

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