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Tiny white bugs in soil, attack strawberries

13 years ago

I'm going nuts trying to ID these pests. I was able to see one under a microscope and this is my best description.

Size: Tiny, less then 1mm

Color: White, almost translucent

Body: 6 legs, segmented body, small antenea

Behaviour: Hate exposure to light, burrow away immediately.

They live 6inches+ under the soil but come up

and attack ripe strawberries from the underside.

Movement: Very fast moving, crawling.

I tried to take a picture but they are too small to focus on. They attack the strawberries but don't seem to actually eat them, only make them mushy. I'm affraid they're affecting my other crops as nothing else I have planted (carrots, spinach, basil, beans) seems to be doing well. This is the first year of our garden, they are raised beds and the soil is mostly a horse manure compost. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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