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Need help identifying plumeria problem

11 years ago

Hi all;

You helped me immensely last time my beloved plumeria got sick- a year ago spider mites attacked and thanks to you all, we recovered! Well, it's sick again and seemingly with a new problem. Can anyone help me identify? Only the oldest leaves, and one at a time are being affected. If I remove the affected leaf, the next day the next oldest leaf goes. The leaves are turning yellowish and the texture is changing, but mostly I'm noticing large black spots. I've looked online at a variety of pics, but none of them seem to be what I'm looking at. Any suggestions? The leaves seem to yellow just a bit before getting the spots, so I'll admit right off the bat I panicked and used the pesticide I used to get rid of the spidermites twice over a couple days, then I watched it like a hawk. The leaf loss continued, and no signs of spidermites. It's getting a lot of filtered sun and the location in the house hasn't changed. We keep a pretty consistent temperature in the house. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing my leaf loss? If the leaf falls naturally, it ends up quite a bit more yellow than in the photo, but out of fear that it might be a fungus or something I've been plucking the leaves off when they start looking bad, sealing them and taking them away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of the problem

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