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Gladiolus flower shriveled before full bloom

8 years ago


I tried doing an online search on problems with Glads, but couldn't find much related to my issue.

My glads seemed to be coming up wonderfully; then a leaf started turning yellow for seemingly no reason. I cut it off, another one turned yellow... The buds for the flowers started to open, now all the small, partially opened buds have shriveled.

They are planted in a container with Forget Me Nots surrounding them. The Forget Me Nots have a few black leaves, but otherwise are doing relatively well. They've flowered and seem to be thriving, even through times where I didn't water as diligently as I should; they bounced back well. I haven't cut off the black leaves because the container is small and they're about 2 inches below the lip of the container. Plus, there are many of them, all clumped together. I know I need to cut the dead leaves off...

I've been keeping them watered and out of direct sun, and it still doesn't seem to saving the Glads... Wondering if there's anything I can do to save them and if not, at least to know what was wrong with them.

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