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Seedling root width and depth

13 years ago

Everytime I have a question about gardening I google it and sure enough GW is #1 on the results. I always find the answer and a bunch of useful information as well. I have been pondering about one thing though.

I am trying to find out how much depth and width pepper seedlings would like. this is obviously determinate on the age of the plant. I will be concerned with my oldest this year. I germinated some habs back in January which is very early for my zone, but I just couldn't wait. I didn't realize that the plant would soon outgrow my largest peat pot (only a 4" tall by 3" wide). They currently have a few sets of true leaves(2-4).

I read that peppers have a strong root memory so I should stunt their growth by leaving them in the peat pots. So I'm looking at container options to transplant to. Someone had quoted research that mentioned width is not that great of a concern but depth is key. So I got creative, Could I use a 24 ounce can with the top cut off as a pot? I have plenty of Arizona iced tea cans that would do the trick. The dimensions of which are 3" wide by 7" tall. Assuming 3" wide is enough, would this work for a little while? Until May? or not at all?

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