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Please Help Identifying This Worm Or Caterpillar Infestation

14 years ago

I'm trying to get get upset and freak out here, staying calm but there all over! :D def laughing about it

About two weeks ago I noticed some of my tomato leaves on two very large better boy tomato plants were curled in, I peeled them open an inside was what looks like a clear Caterpillar with brown dots all over the leaves that were curled. I'd thought at the time these were it's poop. I threw many of them with eggs an big one bug to each with the brown dots into the grass. next to the tomato plants are red bell pepper plants which now have these little green mini versions of this bug on the underside of the leaves, some don't. I've thrown many leaves and branch systems already into the lawn, about 10% of each plant

Here is a gallery of the big ones I found, an the little ones currently over 50% of the area an not even half an inch and what I thought was poop but is eggs I'm assuming

I checked & noticed they were under the leaves of surrounding plants, basil, many cayenne, jalapeno, juliet tomato, cabernet sauvignon vine. I pulled all the leaves I saw, but I won't pull the Caberenet Sauvignon leaves, there aren't many on there but that needs to be treated too. I stopped looking because I know there are 100's of these little buggers all over my back garden now

I want to get Bacillus Thuringiensis, BT from Lowes tonight an dust everything I'm growing. Though will that kill these, an any left over eggs an is it harmful once washed off of the fruits of vegetables if eaten by children, pregnant women, women recovering from cancer etc? I was going to bring a large amount of what I'm growing to my sister's wedding at the end of the month. now? it doesn't look like these little green bugs have touched the fruit, though the tomatoes aren't Red yet, so I don't want to pick everything before dusting.

will BT effect the lizards I have around, toads, frogs, salamanders?

I've yet to check the front one garden, my lemon and orange trees are uneffected as are all other plants.

Any help would be a god send right now because I don't want these on things people will eat at a wedding an I don't want them killing my garden.

I've looked into alternative controls, such as lizards wasps, bees and birds all of which frequent my gardens so short of using BT which I'm going to go buy I don't know what else to do or if I should worry about people eating things treated with this micro-organism an if it will effect other bugs/lizards/birds that are wanted.

Thanks Very Very Very Much for any Help Possible,


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