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This is why I never bother potting palms, please advise me...

13 years ago

Cat Palm, potted with a base of lava rock for drainage and regular old potting soil. Tips are now dark brown, otherwise palm looks good and healthy.

I am using the dip stick finger tip method, only watering when my finger feels dry soil at about an inch down although I admit to dousing the pot despite feeling moisture last week because I had the hose out. I've only had this Cat Palm for 2 weeks so it is in no way a pattern of knowingly over watering if that's the problem

So, what does a potted palm that is overwatered look like ? Underwatered, what do they look like ?

BTW I believe this is an issue of watering or soil or drainage not positioning as the palm is in a nice mostly shaded location protected under my lanai and definitely not baking in the sun.

Thank you so much for your help.

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