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Help me to prepare 5.1.1 on easy way

11 years ago

I have bought one bag of decorative pine bark size 7-15 mm to prepare Al's 5.1.1 soil mix. So I am requesting some advice and help.

I cannot find composted pine bark fines. Only the available pine barks are decorative in two different sizes. The 7-15 mm is the smallest size available here. I cannot find turface and micro nutrients powder. The garden lime is not Dolomite and peat moss/sphagnum are look like mixed with compost too. Coco coir is also available. I heard that cat litter can be the replacement of turface but cat litter are very expensive here. We have two types of cat litter one is lighter and almost transparent crystal, another one is heavy and brown color. I do not like to get both of them.

1. Is it possible to use decorative pine bark instead of pine bark fines?

2. Is it very important to screen the pine barks (I'd like to make this preparation without screening)?

3. What is the purpose of screening, is it for the uniform size and to find non-pine bark materials?

4. Should I remove some pieces of wood I found in the pine barks?

I do not do gardening for profit I am just a hot chili container gardening enthusiast and new in this newly found hobby. I have been doing all my best to success this first time growing hot chili in containers. I have read this thread but I think I cannot get my answers.

Any help and advice will be appreciated.


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