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When , how and why - Al's 5:1:1!

10 years ago

First of all, pardon me for my poor English. Please try to understand my points :)

1. How many of you use Al's 5:1:1?
2. Who inspired you to use 5:1:1?
3. How did you get started and why?
4. Is it Tapla Al"s writing?
5. Is it the pictures you have seen here?
6. Is it your problematic soil to change to 5:1:1?
7. Are you really happy with 5:1:1?
8. Have you modified the 5:1:1 for you own convenient?
9. Have you have your own version of 5:1:1?
10. Have you any problems with 5:1:1?
11. What are your most convenient and inconvenient of using 5:1:1?
12. What are your most difficult parts of preparation of 5:1:1?
13. Are you happy the helps you got from our forum members?

My purpose and objective of this thread is to understand 5:1:1 more details and use it effectively.

Let's make it perfect.

New container gardener,


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