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Lacking Topsoil & Want to Start to Be Green

Hi, my husband and I are completely new to organic lawn care (and basically lawn care in general). Firstly, yes, I read the Organic Lawn Care FAQ. I did a search on previous questions. I tried to read the strings to as many as possible, but after several hours, I couldnt devote more time as I have a baby to chase! I think our situation is ever so slightly different from the other newbie "how do I get started questions" that are out there. Here is why: I am wondering if our lacking topsoil could be contributing to our problem and thereby, we need a lawn care regimen a bit different than the beginning organic regimen (which I am not entirely sure what that should actually be as I got confused with corn gluten meal, soybean meal, coffee grounds, etc.).

Here is our lawn status: Our house was a new construction in 2006. We contacted a national lawncare company, and had them start to treat the lawn in 2008 for rampant weeds that we inherited from the unkempt lot across the street. We were instructed by the "lawncare professional" that the builders had scraped off most of the topsoil. The lawncare company treated our lawn with pesticides and fertilizer, almost to no avail last summer and fall. They identified the following weeds in our yard: thistle, dandelion, oxalis, foxtail, and crabgrass. The lawn was aerated last May. I have no idea what kind of grass we have. We are located in zone 5A. I noticed on some of the questions, that the size of the lawn matters for the particular treatment: 6,000 sq. feet.

I would love a regimen (including timing) that would help me eradicate the weeds and then keep them under control. I know that you have provided regimens for other folks, but I am wondering if we need to take a different tack since we started out with little to no topsoil under our grass. Thanks in advance. I truly appreciate the advice.

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