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I need advice on creating an organic garden

14 years ago

Hi, I have a newish house that has a decent sized back yard that gets a lot of sunlight. I want to create a nice overgrown cottage jungle back there. the weeds are more than the grass right now. I need to roto till the whole thing and start fresh. But I've never done something like this. I'll want vines, trees perennials and annuals vegetables and roses. But there is so much to keep in mind, how much shade will the trees create? where to place various plants for their best advantage.. it's a bit overwhelming. does anyone have any good tips for how to start? I think my first step is getting rid of the grass and weeds. Will just roto tilling do it? What else would I need to do?

I really appreciate any help on this. I've gardened before but always with already created gardens. I'd really like to do this right, I don't want my garden to just be a jumbled mess. :)

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