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holy cow!!!! winchester mahoney's 50% off- great stuff!!!!!!

14 years ago

as my old friend Sue Fox used to joke, Oh Moy Gowad!!!!!!

I just spent $230 and saved $ 230.50% off;that's $9.99 to $5!!! i can't believe it but there is actually still alot of great bargains/ healthy plants.Good pots of Rozanne geranium for $5!; Grasses, tiarella, some hosta, ajuga choc. chip and variega., lamium, big pots of Cimicifuga BRUNETTE!!! for only $8!!! some really wonderful Apps daylilies on steroids- LARGE pots for $10 now. , heuchera,thalictrum, daisies,etc etc. A worker told me that all this rain has killed their sales. On Sat. they're bringing in a lot of new plants- some from other Mahoneys stores,and there's a big white tent set up. But if there's anyway you can get there before sat., DO!!they closed at 6 tonight, thurs. I don't know when they close fri., so check before coming.7817295900



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