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Can my Japanese Maple be saved

11 years ago

Last year I bought two good sized Japanese Maples from a reputable perennials dealer. One is a red 4 foot high round shaped with bright red leaves in the spring to more typical red right now. That tree is down by the road and totally exposed to lots of light, wind and possible salt spray from plowing in the winter. Up by the house I have a 6 foot Autumn Moon that is fairly protected and gets afternoon sun. Last fall when we had the Halloween snow storm, I was out in the snow a couple of times wiping off the snow to avoid branch breakage. Unfortunately as I was brushing off the snow, I ended up breaking a couple of main branches on the red maple.

So anyway, my story goes - both trees weathered their first year great and looked fine going into the winter. In the spring both had new buds everywhere. The red one leafed out just great and is doing fine. My Autumn Moon leafed out on the bottom branch and then nothing further. I was about crazy and called my vendor and she basically said to wait longer that it just might be delayed due to the weird weather this spring. She also wasn't a lot of help and wasn't going to replace the tree but would sell me another at her cost. I waited and still nothing. As I wasn't going to get a replacement and couldn't see purchasing another if it wouldn't make it (would be like throwing good money after bad), I went to pruning off the non- proliferic branches. So, I trimmed it, well really butchered it back. After a couple of weeks, I am seeing a ton of new growth and leaves coming out from all branches left. Not a ton of leaves, but new growth and new sprouts. I am determined to keep this tree alive and nurse it back to the beautiful tree that I originally purchased.

Any tips to help it along? Will it survive without a full head of leaves? Will next spring really be the test to determine if it will survive? This tree is my baby and one of the prettiest trees that I've seen when it was fully leafed out. The leaves are bright orange/pink in the spring and change to a more pinky green in the summer. I really have to save it if possible and welcome any tips to help it through my butchering attack.

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