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Eye opener at the Dallas Arboretum

12 years ago

It's been so blamed hot that I haven't been anywhere. Neither has anyone else. It's so bad they're offering $1.00 admission at the Arboretum through August. It finally dipped below 100 yesterday, so I went to see the hosta trial gardens today. I figured that 40 days without rain and above 100 would really be a trial for hosta. I was right.

It was shocking how different hosta varieties were faring with the stress. I would guess that 50% looked really bad. Some were mush. One standout was Victory. Praying Hands looked good. One great one was called Sun Hosta (?). It looked like So Sweet. Bold Ribbons, Twilight Time and X-Rated were standouts. Of course, the older plantaginea progeny were doing well as was So Sweet. They were evaluating them for the next newsletter this morning. Their plan is to keep replacing the ones that do poorly with new varieties, so that it will be an ongoing trial garden.

I plan to cull my collection when they go dormant. I will be replacing many of my hosta with more suitable varieties. I will never again go for the idea of "buy what you like". The variety does make a difference when you live in Texas. I won't be wondering why a given hosta looks so bad anymore. Those are going somewhere cooler. I gave lip service to recommended varieties, but bought what ever struck my fancy. I have learned my lesson - I hope.

The photos are worth 1000 words. It's shocking how bad some of them look. They're all getting pretty much the same sun and water. The hosta are planted under Crepe Myrtles, so they look really messy. We've had no rain to wash off the spent blossoms. Also, we had a couple of hail storms this spring, so you will notice splits on the large leaves.











Next four were planted this spring and may not have gotten a fair chance.



Pineapple Punch (Pineapple Upside Down Cake was ugly)


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