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Suggestions for Fast Growing Tall Evergreen Hedge/Screen

13 years ago

My neighbors have decided to plant/park there RV trailers in there yards. I really enjoy entertaining, gardening and enjoying my garden space and now have to look at these in full view. Can you suggest a tall fast growing evergreen shrub that can hide all this. I don't really want arborvitae. I was thinking Leyland Cypress since they seem to grow really fast. Or some type of Laurel but I am not sure which variety would work best or if they are fast growing. I also read a little about yew and certain holly varieties. I am not a big fan of Photinia. That would be for a full sun location and would like to cover up to 10-15 feet high and at least 20 feet in length. The other side of the yard is partial sun/shade area near 2 full grown Incense Cedars. There I would like to grow something 10 feet high and wide.

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