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Need heat tol. flowering vine for fence, small hole in driveway

8 years ago

We have a small section (maybe 2.5 feet) of fence we'd like to have a vine growing up. The fence is sort of like horizontal spindles. The fence goes on top of the driveway. I pulled up a few pavers, so we have a small hole to put it in. The area and everything is much too small for wisteria. Clematis was exactly what I wanted; I tried one last year and it died within 36 hours. ( I knew it was improbable that it would work, but I thought that quick death was excessive...I know I know cool roots). Oh, and to further complicate matters, yellow orange or red flowers won't work for the area. It gets a lot of sun, and the pavers def heat up the roots.
Any thoughts, I'm struggling.
Thanks a lot

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