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CT. spring plant swap '06

17 years ago

Anyone up for another swap?

I would once again like to invite everyone to another spring plant swap and pot luck lunch. I'm thinking of setting things up as I have in the past,but I think that this year instead of doing hamburgers and hot dogs I think I'm going to just get one of those six foot subs or something of that nature to try to avoid the madness of grilling. but otherwise all will be the same,everyone and anyone is welcome,if you don't have any plants to swap don't worry about it there will be plenty to go around,kids and pets are certainly welcome,we'll do the $50.00 gift certificate as a door prize,and if you decide to buy anything at the nursery you can take 25% off the price.

We'll do the lunch pot luck style so if you have a favorite dish or desert bring it along.

Ideally I'd like to do this on Sunday may 6TH. the following sunday is mothers day and I'm afraid that after that we'll be so full of plants we won't have much room for the swap. So please chime in and let me know what you think! and of you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

oh yea the address is:

Youngs Nurseries

130 washington rd.

woodbury ct. 06798

we usually get things started around 10:00 am

See you soon,


Here is a link that might be useful: Youngs Nursery

Comments (150)

  • 17 years ago

    George - I'm interested in your Bottlebrush buckeye. I'm also interested in your lavender - if you are cutting any back, I would take cuttings too.

  • 17 years ago


    Sedum ÂMatrona and ÂAutumn JoyÂ

    Persicaria ÂPainterÂs PalleteÂ

    Tiarella cordifolia Ârunning tapestryÂ

    Brugmansia ÂInca SunÂ, ÂCharles Grismaldi and unnamed white

    Monarda ÂJacob Kline and ÂRaspberry WineÂ

    Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'

    Chelone lyonii 'hot lips'

    Adenophora confusa

    I would like plastic pots large quart or gallon size ONLY.
    George, I would love a styrax japonica seedling if available. IÂve got a Helianthus set aside for you.


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    Thank you again Ron for being such a gracious host. The weather was glorious, the food was excellent and the company was the best. I second Sue's comment that it's wonderful to meet people and talk plants without their eyes glazing over. I love walking in my garden and seeing all the plants I've gotten at these swaps through the years. I'll try to take pictures. I'm already looking forward to the next swap and seeing what'll be big enough to bring. George, maybe you could celebrate your half birthday so we could have more wine? Hedy
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    LOL, Martie, just you wait - give it enough time and cuttings of "Dee's White Lilac" will be showing up at swaps all over New England. ;) Maybe then I can get one, lol! :) Dee P.S. Bump!
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    It was a terrific swap -- I was astounded to see so many people, after thinking it might just be a brave few dodging the rain. Welcome newcomers!! We hope to see you all back for the Fall Swap (watch this thread come early September). It was a damp but thoroughly enjoyable time -- thanks to all! I have a toddler's drinking cup that was left behind and which I brought home for safekeeping -- let me know if it's yours and how I can get it to you. Hope everyone went right home and got those new plants in the ground to enjoy the WEEK of rain we have ahead. Thank you all! And yes, let's get together for something fun this summer! / Marty (who's got that group photo??)
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    Thanks, Marty! and everyone for sharing all the wonderful plants and food. I came back with so many plants that I have never heard or read about, but will be doing all kinds of research on. Hopefully, I will give each of them enough space for future. Not knowing how big they grow is the challenge. I wish I could have stayed longer, but my daughter had a pre-arranged playdate at 2:00 p.m. and we had to rush back. Sorry, I didn't get to say bye to everyone. My daughter had a great time, made a new friends and wants to come back for the Fall swap. The next generation of gardeners? She loves her carnivore plant and will be proudly taking it to school to display, :-). Thank you so much uhry, Carl, Marty, cat2 and everyone else for sharing all your plants!! Anna (greenbug)
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  • 17 years ago

    Virginia, I would love some of the Helianthus. I would also like some Chelone if you have enough to go around.

    I'm pretty sure I have a few larger plastic pots I can bring you.

  • 17 years ago

    Virginia, if you have enough helianthus and/or the Adenophora confusa (Paige gets first crack at the helianthus since I've already spoken up for lots of things on this thread and I'm feeling greedy!!), I'd love some. And I'll check my pots but I'm fairly sure I have some big ones as well -- do you want anything BIGGER than the gallon size, or just quarts and gallons?

    / Marty

  • 17 years ago

    I haven't committed to bringing anything in particular due to time constraints, (and wondering when the heck I'm going to be able to get out there and dig!), but I do have three divisions of helianthus microcephalus, if anyone is interested - I see from above that the Lemon Queen is popular. :) These are already dug and potted up, so they will definitely be going to the swap!


    Let me know if you are interested and I will label with your name!

  • 17 years ago

    Hi Dee -- I'd be happy with either form of helianthus, so whichever of you has one to spare (you or Virginia), I'd be delighted to have one! (It's good for butterflies, right? Still working on that bird and butterfly garden ... winding gravel path going in soon so we're making progress! :)

    / Marty

  • 17 years ago

    Virginia - I am interested in your Sedum ÂMatronaÂ, Tiarella cordifolia Ârunning tapestryÂ, and an unnamed white brug.

  • 17 years ago

    George--I'll take as many bottlebrush buckeye suckers as you're willing to part with--due to park renovation next to my house I have A)no trees anymore on the property line and B)a property line that is MUCH closer to my house than I imagined and C)a lovely view of a parking lot where grass and trees used to grow!
    Virginia--I'd love to take a brug--any of the ones you listed sound great to me.



  • 17 years ago

    Virginia - I would like the sedum matrona, chelone hotlips, raspberry wine monarda, and charles grimaldi cutting if they are still available. I'll bring you some lrg.pots.

  • 17 years ago

    I forgot to mention I can also bring alchemilla molllis if anyone has interest.

    The sedum 'matrona', the helianthus and the chelone is now all spoken for.

    As far as pots... I'm interested in perrenial quarts, some people call them super quarts. I don't want shrub sized huge or small ones intended for annuals. We use them for our garden club plant sale. I try to keep a good stockpile of them around.


  • 17 years ago

    I have been out in the garden and so far we have the following plants if anyone wants any let us know.

    Heddy I have a few little foxglove that must have reseeded if you want this kind?

    White Japanese anemone : a few  I can not remember the name right now of course!

    Oenothera missouriensis: Ozark Sundrop Âspreads but great in an area you want filled in.

    Mallow: white

    Veronica; 6" slow spreading groundcover - with little blue flowers  I love this plant

    Nepeta: Walkers low one good size plant

    Asters unnamed
    Cranesbill Geranium : I think it is 'Rozanne' because the foliage turns reddish-brown in Fall.

    ?? Creeping strawberry plant  a groundcover with pink flowers. It spreads like crazy so unless someone requests it I wonÂt bring it.

    Yarrow ; tall mustard color

    Yarrow- paprika- babies

    achillea millefolium: white yarrow

    Kerria Japonica  can bring cuttings in plastic bag if still wanted

    Yarrow: white

    Shasta daisys
    I should have some Jacobs ladder  I will look some more if there is a request.

    What I would truly appreciate :

    ego45 : named hostas
    Noticklish :green n white hosta divisions
    Dee: white-edged hostas and helianthus microcephalus

    Abi: pink astilbe
    cat2 : dianthus/pinks- various shades of pinks, Do you have one that has somewhat silvery foliage? I am not sure mine made it over the winter.

    heirloomany/ Amy: forsythia

    Hedy I'd like some cerastium tomentosum and lamb's ears 'helen von stein' (large nonflowering). campanula latifolia, cerastium tomentosum,
    I am making a border of lambÂs ear so anyone with a few extra I would love some.
    Virginia or anyone with some alchemilla Mollis/ ladys mantle as I am trying to make a border using this plant and have a long way to go!!
    Paigect: Sedum Angelina and creeping Jenny
    Virginia: Brugmansia ÂInca Sun or one of the others if that is already spoken for.
    See you on Sunday!
    Kathy and Jim

  • 17 years ago

    Kathy, I would love the cranesbill Rozanne. I've got your things tagged. I am also bringing a bunch of green/white and plain old green hosta divisions, which I'm sure I'll have extra of for you.

    I will make a final list of what I am bringing tomorrow or Saturday. As for food contribution, I will bring some kind of salad from Whole Foods.

  • 17 years ago

    Virginia -

    I'd love some of the Brug Inca Sun and Charles Grimaldi. You should see how enormous the little brug piece (in water) you gave us a few years ago is now!! I had a Brug Jean Pasco, but it got clobbered when we got some unexpected cold weather. I'm hoping it comes back from the roots.

    I can bring unrooted cuttings of white, yellow, and pink brugmansia if anyone is interested.

    Also, 2 (maybe 3) small unrooted cuttings of Salvia guaranitica "Black & Blue".


  • 17 years ago

    If you have enough, I would love some Shasta daisys and White Japanese anemone.
    I still have a couple of tomato plants up for grabs if anyone wants I will tag them for you....


  • 17 years ago

    Bill - I would like a piece of your Salvia 'Black and Blue'. I am bringing a couple of things for your front shade garden.

    Marnie - Do you have any extra current tomatoes?

  • 17 years ago

    Virginia, I'd love some of your tiarella and Dee, if you have any helianthus left.

    I'm not bringing the agastache because they're just popping up and I could only find 3 so far. I'll take orders for the fall swap when I always have extras. I have some chocolate eupatorium instead.


  • 17 years ago

    Marnie, yes, I'd like the heirloom tomatoes.

    Things are dug and potted and look halfway decent.


  • 17 years ago

    Hedy, I'd love a Chocolate Eupatorium.

    Here's what I have so far (but I'm going to do more digging today and tomorrow):

    1 Clethra alnifolia 'Rosea' (not leafed out yet, so hopefully it's alive)

    4 Hydrangea macrophylla 'Variegata'

    2 Peony 'Raspberry Sundae'

    + a pink Lespedeza (but it is late to leaf out, so cannot guarantee)

  • 17 years ago

    monique- I would like to try the hydrangea variegata if you still have it.

    Kathy and Jim- interested in your geranium and nepeta walker low.

  • 17 years ago

    Monique, I too would love the hydrangea variegata

    Deb, I put aside a currant tomato for you.

    The plants I have left are
    1 yellow squash
    1 parade cuke
    1 brandywine tomato
    1 mexican midget tomato
    1 nygerous tomato
    2 rather sad looking amish paste tomatoes
    and lettuce seedlings which are very small

    If anyone has any creeping phlox (or anything else that would flower and cascade over a rock wall) I would love some.

  • 17 years ago

    I would love a peony raspberry sundae. I have one already and a second would balance things out. Thanks!

  • 17 years ago

    WildBill and I will definitely bring (per your requests):
    Abi: parsley and mums. and rose campion (I will ask my friend who has a lot)
    cat2: [double] orange daylily
    Marty, ctlady: ubiquitous orange "roadside" daylily
    Amy, heirloomamy: walking Iris
    noticklish: rose campion (I will ask my friend who has a lot)

    In return, would those of you please set aside.....
    Cat2 - Hens and chicks
    the_shady_lady ÂVirginia  tiarella
    kathyinct- Japanese anemone

    msfried99- the heirloom peppers are plenty. No need for the chard seeds we have some too. Thanks!

    Bill and Dena

  • 17 years ago

    OK, here's what I'm bringing:

    Creeping jenny (4): noticklish, KathyinCT
    green/white hosta (3): Abi, Cat2, KathyinCT
    green hosta (3): Abi, Cat2
    ivy (1): Cat2
    Sedum Angelina (5): noticklish, KathyinCT, Monique

    If I have forgotten anyone, please remind me! I assure you it was inadvertant.

    The items I requested and would be very grateful for are:
    Peony Raspberry Sundae: Monique
    Cranesbill Rozanne: Kathy
    Helianthus Lemon Queen: Virginia
    Chelone (only if enough to go around): Virginia
    Bleeding Heart: noticklish
    Munsted Lavender (if available): George

    Things I wouldn't turn down if there were extras:
    white astilbe
    creeping or wooly thyme
    hens n' chicks (DS loves them)

    DS is thinking about coming, so I hope no one minds if an apparently surly (but actually shy) 12 y.o. hangs out with us. He wants to start what he's calling a "succulent garden", but really all he seems to like so far are hens and chicks.

    See you all Sunday! I will check in tomorrow evening in case someone else wants something on my list.

  • 17 years ago

    Looking forward to the swap. I made it to last years spring swap and my Dad and I had a great time.

    I have plenty of lilly of the valley, some native trout lilly, I can bring some unnamed green with white hostas, I have some Angels Trumpet rooted plants I believe they are called Brugmansia unfortunatly my Dad did not label which ones were what color but there are pink and yellow ones.

    If anybody has any, my Dad likes ferns in particular royal, maiden hair, and wood. He likes butterfly weed and helebros.

    As far as myself:
    Javaandjazz: I would love some Black eyed susans.

    lward824: If you can spare some red and or purple bee balm that would be great.

    ctlady: I would love one of your blue hostas.

    aeiger: If you have some extra shasta daisy that would be great.

    See you all Sunday.

  • 17 years ago

    Hi Paul, My hostas are more green than blue but do take on a blue-ish gray tone depending on the light. They are quite large-leaved and seem VERY hardy, but they are not true blue hostas (sorry if I mislead you there!). If you still want them, I'll gladly bring you several pots. And I would love some of your lily of the valley...!

    Leah -- did anyone speak up for some of your yellow asiatic lilies? If not, I'd love to have one.

    Looking forward to Sunday -- sounds like it will be a beautiful day!

    / Marty

  • 17 years ago

    If peony RS is not spoken yet, I'll take it.
    Do you remember if yours is a two or three-colored (with a hint of yellow) clone?

    I'll not bring any hostas (except H. undulata mediovariegata) to the swap due to the fact that they are just barely out of the ground and I can't yet make sense of what is what and how big they'll be, so can't divide.
    I promise they'll be for you in a Fall.

    In addition to previously mentioned plants, will have 2 pots of Tricyrtis hirta Miyazaki (clumper, not a spreader).

  • 17 years ago

    Here's my updated list:

    2 Peony Raspberry Sundae-PaigeCT, George
    4 Hydrangea m. Variegata-Noticklish, Msfried99,
    1 Clethra 'Rosea-?
    1 pink Lespedeza-?

    I dug up 2 small variegated Azaleas (Girard's Variegated?) that bloom in a fuchsia color. Anyone interested? They aren't really evergreen for me so I think someone near the coast might have better luck. The 2 I dug up were being pummeled by some EG hollies I have, but I kept the 3rd since I like the foliage once it leafs out.

    I'll dig up more tomorrow.

    George, my Peony RS doesn't have any yellow in it-it is pale and medium pink. However, there is a touch of cream though when I look back at photos of when the flowers are starting to open up.

  • 17 years ago

    Kathy, I'd love the baby foxgloves. I lost all mine this year.

    Monique, I'll take the azalea and the lspedenza if available. I loved my variegated azalea until the builder poured dirt all over it.


  • 17 years ago

    George, count me in for the Trycertis. Thanks all. /Abi

  • 17 years ago

    HI Everyone,
    The only plants I can bring are black eyed susans and some coreopsis(the thinner finer variety). I am still looking for ajuga if the other swapppers are still bringing it. I am also in the market for any perennials. I am making a border alongside the driveway. I am also bringing along oatmeal and dried cranberry cookies. See you all then, Thanks, Richie

  • 17 years ago

    for the reference, Girard have two named variegated azaleas, Arctic Rose (pinkish red/fuchsia) and Silver Sword (bright red). In flower you'll see difference only if planted next to each other.
    When not in flower they may look identical except that AR more upright and SS is more wide than tall. AR is a tad hardier than SS. Part sun winter aspect recommended for both.

  • 17 years ago

    Paul/uhry - I am interested in your Trout Lily

    George - could I have a tricertis also?

    Anyone want any Feverfew, Sweet William or Teasel?

    I also have some leucothoe that have self-rooted some brances if anyone is interested.


  • 17 years ago

    Okay, went out in the garden today (finally!! - I've been trying all week to get out there!) and this is what I will be bringing, give or take a few things:

    George - variegated hostas
    Hedy, Kathy, Marty - helianthus microcephalus

    daylily Love Those Eyes (2)
    daylily Far-fetched Favorite (2)
    daylily Custard Candy (1)
    helenium Bright Buttons (8 small)
    baptisia australis (1 very small)
    a few small columbines (may be any of the following: caerula, Pink Bonnets, Pretty Bonnets)
    a few small foxgloves (may be any of the following: alba, Foxy, Camelot Rose)

    I also discovered thousands (okay, maybe dozens) of sunflower seedlings, and since I winter-sowed over 200 sunflowers and have room for about 10, I will dig up the reseeders to bring. May be any of the following: Prado, Velvet Queen, Sonja, Pastiche, Ikarus, or Bee's Knees.

    Going back out to see what else I can come up with!

  • 17 years ago

    I would take some Sweet William if you have enough

    and Dee I would love some sunflower seedlings

    Cat2, unfortunatly my husband decapitated your Stupice plant last night :-( so I put aside a mexican midget for you instead


  • 17 years ago

    Well, I just potted up 72 sunflower seedlings, and hardly made a dent. Maybe there are thousands out there after all!

    I also potted up three small pots of Freckles violets. These are quite aggressive reseeders/spreaders, but I think they are very charming.

    Marnie, how many sunflowers would you like? I'll put them separately for you.


  • 17 years ago

    I just dug out a huge clump of Miscanthus purpurescens and divided into 6 large clumps. I had 2 grasses and decided I only want one so you guys will benefit. It gets 4'x3' and is stunning in the fall with an orangey color:

    I also divided some peach dayliles that I originally got from WFF. I have 3 clumps.

  • 17 years ago

    OK, I think we were able to pot up all the specific requests, but not much of anything else. I have:

    Deb - yarrow (paprika)
    Abi - lilies, flox, mums
    Marnie - forsythia, dianthus, pentsemmon, flox
    Marty - sage, daylilies (orange)
    Amy - flox, dianthus
    Dena - hens-n-chicks
    Kathy - dianthus

    If I missed anything- please let me know. I'll check one more time this evening, and I can always do one or two more if needed in the morning.

    only one of my dianthus is up yet, so that's what you all got- it's kind of blueish/silvery. Marnie- don't worry about the tomato, these things happen :)
    I have one extra sage, some tiger lilies, and extra mums if Abi doesn't want them all.

    I know it's late- so please don't run out to pot more if it's a hassle, but if it's not I would like to make two more requests.

    Dena, that Salvia sounds lovely. If it's still available, I think I have just the spot for it.

    Marty, if you have extra sweet woodruff, I'm still trying to spread it in my part shady area.

    That's it for me. My face and head are killing me now, hence the reason I didn't pot up a lot of extras. And that was with extra help I don't normally have with gardening stuff.

    I am planning to bring a juice/iced tea punch. One of my new favorites with pomegranate, cranberry, grape, and pear juices and some black and white fruit flavored teas. See you all tomorrow!

  • 17 years ago

    Monique, add me to your list for one of the grasses. I have down everyone's wants and I'll have some extras. I'll also take orders for next year since things are a bit late this year and I can't even identify some of the stuff popping up.


  • 17 years ago

    Deb -

    If you have enough, Dena and I would love some Sweet William.

    For: Cat2 & Cloud9: cuttings of Salvia guaranitica 'black & blue' - it's supposed to be hardy to zone 5/6. Took and potted up the cuttings yesterday.

    We also have 3 small Manettia luteo rubra, 'firecracker'. It's not hardy here so you'd need to bring it inside for the winter.

    Also, we have Columbine 'Canyon Vista' seeds. Oh, we made a mistake a few posts's Helianthus dowellianus (McDowell's sunflower) not Heliopsis helianthoides.

    Paige: I'll bring a coupla of "special things" just for DS!!!

    Bill & Dena

    Here is a link that might be useful: firecracker flower

  • 17 years ago

    Monique -- I'd love one of the grass divisions, too, if there are enough!

    And cat2 -- I'll bring the sweet woodruff. It took a while to settle in at this house (several years) but it's finally gotten going nicely!

    I'm bringing homemade coleslaw and brownies (and name tags!)

    / Marty

  • 17 years ago

    Dee, I'll take some sunflowers.

    I'll also have some giant catmint and hardy geranium. There's a tub of creeping thyme that came out of the walk that I'm just going to put in the car as is. Somehow I seem to have managed to pretty much fill up the car.

    I'll check in tomorrow before I leave, which will probably be around 8:30.

  • 17 years ago

    Monique my Dad and I would each love one of the grass divisions if you could set one aside for both of us. Even if you have only one we can divide it.

    Dee you could put me down for a couple of sunflowers.

    Cloud9/Deb I will set some trout lillies aside for you.


  • 17 years ago

    Monique, I would love to try the Miscanthus purpurescens if there is enough to go around.

    Thanks, Virginia

  • 17 years ago

    Monique - If I am counting right, you should have enough of the Miscanthus purpurescens for me to ask for one too?

    Dee - I'm interested in your Helenium and Freckles violets if they are still available.

    I was able to fulfill everyones requests.

  • 17 years ago

    Deb, I'll mark a pot of Freckles and some Helenium with your name. If you'd like more, I've got plenty here you can come get any time.


  • 17 years ago

    I was hoping there would be takers for the grass if I posted a photo of the fall color LOL

    See everyone tomorrow!

  • 17 years ago

    I have use for some creeping thyme. Thanks.
    See you all tomorrow.

  • 17 years ago

    Well I have some new stuff to add:

    2 Mayapples
    6 Bleeding Hearts (msfriend99)
    Lily of the valley (ctlady I have you covered)
    Trout Lily for (Cloud9)
    1 unknown hosta green with white edges


    Ctlady I will definitly take a couple of hostas

    diggerdee would love a Far-Fetched-Favorite and a Love those Eyes

    Casey1 if you have an extra geranium I would love one

    Cloud9 if you are bringing any bearded iris or siberian iris I would take one of each. Also I am bringing some bleeding heart I know it is not fringed but you are more than welcome to some.

    See you Sunday

  • 17 years ago

    Last minute check to be sure I've labeled all requests:

    Blue columbine: Marnie and Deb
    Sweet woodruff: cat2
    Sedum Autumn Joy: Amy
    Paul: hostas

    Hope I haven't overlooked any requests (if so, let me know!) -- this thread is getting so long it's hard to keep track!

    (Paul -- if you end up with a Mayapple to spare, I'd love to try it in a small wooded area we're trying to turn into a "woodland glen" garden.)

    Also, a reminder to all -- don't forget to put BOTH your screen name and your real name on your name tag. That was REALLY helpful last fall! ;)

    / Marty

  • 17 years ago

    java and jazz- I will try and grab some ajuga tomorrow morning as it is dark out now.

    Dee- My kids would love some sunflowers! I would be interested in your daylillies, helenium and freckles violets if still available.