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wanted: ct. spring swap '06

17 years ago

Anyone up for another ct. swap? Spring is finally here and I'm thinkin' we should start getting ready for the spring plant swap.

I'd ideally like to have the swap on Sunday may 7, starting around 10:00 am. Hopefully that works for the majority.

I'll probably set things up just like I have in the past...the free raffle,hamburgs,dogs,etc.

for anyone that has not already attended one of our swaps but is interested,feel free to chime in,everyone and anyone is invited (wether your from CT. or not),if your just starting your garden and don't have anything to swap don't worry about it,we always have plenty of plants to go around,so come on out and we'll help you get the garden started. once again the nursery has donated a $50.00 gift certificate for the free raffle and has offered a 25% discount on all plants to anyone involved in the swap. pets and children are certainly welcome,the swap is held right on a pond so the kids can go fishin',feed hay to the oxen,or whatever.

As far as lunch goes I'll bring hamburgers,hotdogs,soda,rolls etc. and the rest will be potluck style,so if you've got a favorite dish bring it along!

oh yea, the address...Youngs Nursery, 130 Washington Rd. ( Rt. 47) in Woodbury CT. about 3 or 4 miles south of the woodbury ski area.

Hope to see you all there...


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