Mesquite Pruning Advice


Here is a link of a wider photo of the tree, unfortunately I could only upload one photo here.

I'd say the tree is about 11 months old. Originally I thought it was a weed and i pulled it, it then grew back like wild fire. It has a great structure in the center as you can see in the photos and would look great if pruned correctly. My question is, should I only prune the branches almost touching the ground for now since it is young? Id like it to grow taller an need advice on proper pruning technique. Also it has many shoots growing out of the ground, with one big one about 5 or 6 inches in the center that only reaches about a half foot tall, will this trunk grow taller as is matures? I am a beginner and just discovered my passion for growing and gardening so any advice helps. Thx

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I am going to respond to this even though I have not specifically trimmed a mesquite tree but I have trimmed mesquite -like trees ( paloverde, chilopsis linear is (sp?),Desert bird of Paradise,etc.), Xeric brushy trees. What I trim and chop down mostly is Mountain ash Juniper and that is removed by chopping at the ground and will not grow back from the roots like Mesquite. I go for the "Lolipop " form because it pushes the energy into one trunk and the tree pushes up its canopy faster..

I think your first action of chopping it back has encouraged it to grow in a very numerously trunked form. I would pick a few trunks and trim off all the rest and see if it puts its energy into those trunks and not replacing the ones that were trimmed off.

I have heard that ranchers will "thin out" mesquite groves in the western arias instead of removing them with poisons by using fire to elevate the forms and allow the cattle to rove through them. It increases light filtration and grass growth underneath the canopy. This is a Holistic Land Management practice that I heard at a seminar. As you found out, mesquite grows back from its roots and yes , a little off topic. I don't know if my rambling is of any help.

You have probably long ago taken clippers to it.

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