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Can't hear door bell while working in backyard... Any solution?

16 years ago

Not sure which forum to ask this question, so I came here : this is my most favorite forum. :)

Well, I know it's still very cold outside, but I've started preparing my backyard for spring/summer time since the weather is so nice. Can't miss sunshine...

Anyway, I have noticed that we can't really hear the door bell/chime when we're working/hanging out in our backyard. Our chime is in dining room, and the room is closer to front yard rather than backyard...

I wonder if there are any solutions out in market, or any clever ideas?

One solution would be the "outdoor grade (water proof)" door bell/chime which can be wired to existing one in dining room, and installed on the outside wall. So it will ring when someone pushes the button at the front door... But so far, I haven't been able to find one like that.

Another idea is an old-school cow-bell or some sort, which string goes along my side housewall, and all the way to the back. So someone come to our front door, pull the door bell handle/string, then will ring the bell in backyard. I know it's kind a fun, but silly idea... ;)

If you have similar problem, I would appreciate to hear your solutions!! I often miss mail guy delivered package, and/or friends/neighbors stop by unexpectedly who couldn't find us even though we were in backyard! Would love to find some way to avoid that this year!



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