Eradicating English Ivy (surreptitiously)

12 years ago

Hello all -

I know this is bad, but I'm sort of desperate. I'm looking for ideas on killing English ivy without my neighbor knowing. I bought an end unit townhouse in May and worked all summer to get my garden and yard in order. Come next spring I'm really looking forward to sitting outside and enjoying it with my dog. The problem? Asian Tiger mosquitoes. We've done everything we can to eliminate water sources, I tore out the hydrangeas they loved hiding under, and they're still as numerous as ever!

I've spoken to my adjacent neighbor about mosquitoes and she's upset about them too. So I recommended dunks for her bird bath. She says they aren't necessary because the water is moving in a fountain. (she drained the fountain for a month in the summer and it helped, but the mosquitoes were still bad) I told her that the English ivy she has growing all over her fence is a habitat for them and she said she just loves it to much! The ivy comes under, through, and over the fence into my yard, which I really have to keep on top of. But it also harbors armies of slugs and I can see the mosquitoes coming out of it as the sun settles low in the sky. I'll keep working on my neighbor, but I'm sick to think as much as work as I put into the garden and as much as I paid for this house (which I chose for the garden!) I can't sit outside without being devoured.

I know this is bad, but does anyone have ideas on how I could kill the ivy, at least on the fence section I share with her, without manually pulling it out? Preferably some sort of spraying? Maybe it would look like a disease.

Here is the good part. English ivy has been banned in our town so if it dies, she can't plant it again.

If I can't get rid of it, does anyone know of an effective spray to control the mosquitoes? I know she is interested in using one, but I worry about the environmental effects and efficacy.

Thanks in advance!

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