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Need Native vine that will grow anywhere

15 years ago

The former owners of my home put a one foot retaining wall around a group of 6 oaks. They planted several gardenias and camellias in there that just sit there not growing any with an occasional bloom. We planned to dig this out, put in good soil ,etc--but we have decided it's more than we are able to do. Nothing but roots and not much dirt. I am looking for a native vine that would be a good ground cover and it would be ok if it climbed the trees also. At our previous home, we had ivy growing up a huge tree and the birds loved it. They even roosted in it at night by the hundreds (it seemed). Of course, I know better now and do not want any ivy. I'm thinking there must be a vine out there that would grow in "bad soil" and never know the difference. This would be on the east side of my house and would get morning sun. Any help would be appreciated.

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