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Native trumpet vine growing on invasive Norway maple.

11 years ago

I live on a right across the street from a forest that is actually a federal tree farm. My yard is also woody and has many large trees. I try to keep out invasive kudzu and ivy from my yard and while looking for more to kill last summer I found, in the back of my yard 2 large Norway Maples and many little ones. After making sure they were not native sugar maples I killed all the smaller trees but not the 2 large ones. I'm not ready to cut down the largest ones. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to plant trumpet vine next to it. I love the look of the vine and think it is beautiful. I would also want it to compete with the Norway maple to slow its growth. I would love to to grow to the top and look like a vine tree. I'm worried if I introduce it to the 2 Norway maples it could spread to my other native trees. So my main question is would you introduce the native trumpet vine to my 2 invasive Norway maples?

Sorry for such a long winded post!

Thanks for any advice!


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